What are the Estimated Shipping Time?

Australia:10-14 business days
Canada:10-14 business days
France:7-10 business days
Germany:7-10 business days
United Kingdom:7-10 business days
United States:10-14 business days
North America:10-14 business days


I Still Haven't Received My Items, What Can I Do?

For Europe normally it takes 7-10 business days and for USA and AU it takes 10-14 business days (please notice that weekends are not included) to arrive. If it doesn’t arrive in expected time, wait few more days, please don’t worry, if something happens to your order, we can always refund your money or resend the package.


Is There Any Other Payment Options Than PayPal?

We only accept Paypal at the moment.


What Are The Components Of The Items? Are There Any Material On Them That Are Not Safe?

Generally, our items are made by raw brass, copper, stainless steel. We also plate them with gold and silver. They are nickel and lead free.


Why there Is An Explanation On Some Items Like Nickel and Lead Unknown?

We take all of our items as nickel and lead free. However, we are not able to test them all, the ones we couldn't able to test are written as nickel and lead unknown.


Do Items Change Color in Time?

Since the materials we used are raw, you should keep them clean and away from wetness. That way, you can use them for a long time in same condition. However, if there is something wrong, we are happy to cooperate, we accept returns and refund your money as well.